Sunday, 28 August 2011

Are you one of the lucky 10%?

"Around 90% of the cars we check have improper wheel alignment", that's the estimate from Graham McIntyre, Managing Director of Gormac Coachworks. Wheel alignment needs to be checked at least once a year, and not just the front - all four wheels must be properly aligned. Wheels become misaligned for a number of reasons; hitting a kerb or, probably more likely, hitting potholes in the road and let's face it, there are plenty of these around right now!

Often it is difficult to know that your tyres are out of alignment but the more obvious signs are that the car pulls to one side or you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep the car moving straight ahead. Even the slightest misalignment will have an impact on performance - that's why you need to have them checked on a scheduled basis. And, if you do hit a particularly bad pothole, you should have it checked immediately.

Badly aligned wheels will cause excessive tyre wear and over a period, you could add thousands of miles to the life of your tyres because the wheels are set properly.

If the tyres are not parallel and set to the car manufacturers specification, the 'rolling resistance' increases so, wheels that are set absolutely parallel and have the correct air pressure will be more fuel efficient. Given the rising cost of fuel, this alone is a good reason to have a four wheel alignment check. But, the most important reason of all is your safety.

Gormac Coachworks are running a special offer for the month of September - 25% off four wheel alignment with a print out report for only £45 (normally £60). So, if you think your probably not one of the luck 10% whose wheels don't need any adjustment give us a call and book your car in for this quick but really important check.

To make a booking please call Gillian on 0141 886 4072 and we'll get a suitable time in the diary for you.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hello, we are Gormac Coachworks

Gormac Coachworks is a family run business founded in Renfrew in 1972 by Gordon McIntyre and now run by his son, Graham McIntyre. Our success can be attributed to a number of things; or team, the value we put on training, our investment in equipment and the latest technology but mostly it's because of our commitment to customer service - it's at the centre of every business decision we make.

As part of this ongoing commitment we have established this blog; it will give you a new level of access to our business, our industry and our people. We will bring you regular updates about the company and the team.

We are keen to stress that Gormac are not here solely for major accident repair work, we are here to form a relationship with you; we will look after all of your motoring needs and keep your car looking and running well for a fair price. Details of our "Smart Repair" service on the web site give you some idea of the range of services we can provide.

Please bookmark this blog so that you can visit regularly or, "like" our Facebook Page where you will be able to read the blog content as soon as it becomes available. We intend to bring you a variety of news and stories on the blog; some industry related, some personal interest and even some humorous - we hope you enjoy engaging with us.

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